Marvelous Images Photography

Marvelous Images Photography

I have a deep admiration for the special moments that every person encounters over the course of a lifetime. And, as a free-lance photographer, I am committed to ensuring that these cherished memories are set in time. Through the eye of my lens, I am able to embrace my passion for the beauty of creation and illuminate the wonders of life’s visual landscapes. Each snapshot is an opportunity to convey a story and evoke emotion from the viewer.As an illustrative narrator, I am 100% committed to the artistic vision and satisfaction of each of my clients. I am not a painter, however a Marvelous Image is seen as a portrait; a true depiction of one’s reality as it breathes on the canvas. With Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Marvelous Images Photography provides superior photographic services to a wide variety of clients. My experience is broad, and includes weddings , dance performances, scenery, and other events. It is my goal to creatively transform everyday occasions into eternal images. Additionally, I want to expose the marvelous substance found in seemingly ordinary people and places, and bring them to extraordinary life.
2 Reviews for Marvelous Images Photography
Lydia Mangrum

Marvin was so accommodating to the point of even photographing our wedding rehearsal the night before! He was very professional and the pictures he took are beautiful! He was on time and took pictures of all aspects of the wedding.

Jul 20, 2018
Alexandra Bell

We couldn't have dreamed of having a better wedding photographer than Marvelous Images Photography. Marvin and his second shooter, Jen, did a stellar job leading up to the day, on the day, and even after. Marvin kept us informed in the weeks before the wedding with emails touching base with regards to when they would arrive and nailing down shot lists. On the wedding day they were punctual, organized, and were just downright FUN to have around capturing all of the sentimental and giant moments. They got photos of every single shot we requested and were very efficient because they knew we had a timeline to stay with, but they never ever made us feel rushed. In the days after the wedding Marvin got us the proofs so insanely quickly. Hands down, Marvelous Images is the most professional, fun, and talented photographer around!

Oct 13, 2016