Elephant Limbo

Elephant Limbo



With over 10 years of experience in the field, Elephant Limbo has worked with creative minds all over the world! Victoria Perez is the face behind Elephant Limbo. She is an Editorial Designer with a focus on Fine Arts. "It is an absolute dream for me to create and share my visual culture through every stationery piece. I love to capture art through a wedding time capsule that stimulates senses and narrates a story: give me textures and all the details". 

Victoria brings a unique perspective to every design, making it be uniquely beautiful, functional and evoking feelings through each piece. Weddings are all about love and the passion for it is shown throughout the design process! 
​Elephant Limbo's aesthetic is a blend of art & untamed romance. It is the perfect place for those couples who are looking for a soft, feminine and delicate approach to their wedding stationery. We are more than excited to hear about your love story and vision!