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Hi My name is Cody Jones and I am a UAS commericial Part 107 licensed, registered, and fully insured drone pilot located in Cleveland, Tennessee. I am proud to say that my business partner and I have decided to open our small business “Drone Kings”! I fly a DJI Mavic Pro 2 with smart controller and I am looking to build my business filming aerial footage for Real-Estate amd Wedding videography as well as whomever else may utilize our photography services. 

We also provide interior and ground exterior photography for realtors, investors, vacation rentals/airbnbs, ect... We are most known for shooting weddings with are drone as well with my professional grade mirrorless Canon R6 video camera. My crew and I donot work with one single client that has turned out unhappy with their video we construct so trough. There are so many endless opportunities and ideas that I have for weddings that my drone and videography services can provide! Please reach out to me. I’d love to discuss capturing your perfect day at the best price around! Give us a shot!

As Part owner and operator, Call me today to let me know what kind wedding video solution I can offer you!

Call me on my personal cell anytime!


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