Imperfectly Perfect Photos

Imperfectly Perfect Photos



I know it can be a tough choice when you begin looking for that perfect photographer for your special day. There are so many people that want to earn your business in the area that it must seem like an impossible task to choose the right one. It can also be an expensive endeavor just to capture those precious, fleeting memories.

I cannot tell you why you should not choose other photographers in the SOMD area. Every photographer is talented in their own way, so making any of my competition out to be any less than that is not only unprofessional, but also against my personal moral code.
Instead, let me tell you why you should choose me...
I believe memories should not cost a fortune. I believe this so strongly, not only because I have been on the client side of this photography coin before, but also because there are so many more important things in life to spend your money on. It should never need to be a sacrifice to some other part of your life in order to afford high quality photographs of your special day!
Memories are made through experiences, and my goal is to make sure your experiences are captured affordably, without compromising quality. The focus of each session should be on ensuring my clients have a great time, and walk away with photos that warm their hearts and homes...

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Jen Susalla
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Imperfectly Perfect Photos were great, they were early and prepared for every thing that could possibly come up. They knew we were on a budget due to my husband deploying soon and worked with us to make sure our special day was beautifully captured. I truly cannot recommend them enough! Such a wonderful experience, and I love my photos!

Feb 21, 2020