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Hello, friend! I'm Erinne, the lead storyteller of e. losinio photography. I lead a team of sisters who specialize in documenting weddings and families in Virginia,Washington DC, Maryland - and anywhere our cameras take us! We named our little business after our dad to honor his legacy as an avid collector of family memories. Our goal is to capture and celebrate the beauty of your legacy in a way that's authentic and emotive, with a modern twist. We'd love to hear your story!
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Danica Abarquez
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I think as two people, Andy and I had two separate fears. Being a photographer / videographer, Andy's concern was all around quality, overall composition, and editorial style of the photos. After a bit of online stalking, he loved Erinne's editorial style and composition evident in all of the weddings she's done. Retrospectively, the flatlays of our paper materials were some of his favorite shots.

Being a marketer, you could say my concern was more about "brand." I was worried that our photos wouldn't be authentic to who we were as a couple and would force us to portray something we weren't. Of course wedding photos are a bit fantastical - the day itself lends to that with the elaborate decor and wardrobe. But Erinne did an amazing job of hearing what we wanted and what we didn't. She never forced us out of our comfort zone but instead helped us find joy in each other and be organic in our shoots. She didn't just capture portraits, she captured moments on the day of our wedding. That was so important to us.

Even after our first meeting, it was easy to see that she was the clear choice and could give us exactly what we were looking for - and she delivered.

Our favorite part of working with Erinne and Elaine were their personalities! Of course, they were professional. But their personalities really eased our nerves and helped us have fun! They're sweet, understanding, caring people that felt like family the day of our wedding. They even led a dance at the reception which was SO much fun!! Our family and friends kept raving on how great they were too.

Funnily enough many of our couple-friends are already willing to hire them after our wedding! But I'd say don't even waste your time looking searching for other options, they are it. Let this be the easiest and one of your most favorite decisions of your planning process - because it certainly was ours.

Jun 09, 2020