First of all, congratulations! You are joining your lives together and that is a most wonderful thing! I'd love to be a part of it!

I am a freelance photographer based in Athens, OH. I majored in documentary photography at Ohio University School of Visual Communication, but I have also studied portraiture and fashion photography. I love taking pictures of everyday life and use natural light. I love freedom in my photography - meaning that I enjoy people expressing their feelings and try to take a beautiful picture that shows what i see through my eyes and heart.

1 Review for Anita Wasko
Lyn Stanton

First of all, i don't photograph well. Seriously, i'm not being self depricating or dramatic, i am just NOT photogenic. I was dreading wedding photos. I just knew I ould look awful. When I saw the photos Anita captured, I cried of happiness! I looked beautiful. She had some sort of magic touch where she captured me (and my darling husband to whow I am still happily married) at the exact right moments in the perfect light. She is a master of the candid photo. She was also able to do some cool extra stuff. I wanted to use sparkers at night with the whole "open shutter" technique. It turned out awesome! The pictures are magical. I loved her work much, I have hired her for family/baby pictures since and they all turned out great! My friend hired her for her wedding too and the photos were amazing!!! She spent time with the bride while we were getting her ready and took the coolest, most atrful images. I totally recomend her. You wont be sorry!!! Anita rocks!

Mar 21, 2017