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Most newly engaged couples feel limited by the belief that all weddings are overly expensive and difficult to plan. We believe it's possible to have a beautiful & memorable wedding day regardless of your investment comfort zone, and we have a simple and fun process to help you plan the wedding you deserve.

You Want:

  • SIMPLE & FUN - Are you looking for a simple & fun wedding planning experience?
  • PERSONALIZATION - Are you wanting every piece that's selected to serve a purpose & tell a part of your story?
  • VIPs ONLY - Are you wanting to avoid looking back on your wedding photos and wondering why the hell someone was there?

You Are:

  • RAD - Do you love to laugh & dance? Do you love a good pun and appreciate well-timed sarcasm? Are you generally not a shitty person?
  • LAID BACK & ORGANIZED - Are you laid back in personality, but also organized, appreciate a good checklist & are timely in both your attendance and meeting deadlines? Do you see yourself planning over burgers and beers?
  • A HELPER - Do you work in some kind of social or public service? Are you the friend or family member that is always talking everyone else down?

You Need:

  • PROVEN PROCESS - Do you need someone to distill all of the "how to plan your wedding" blog posts down into a digestible, simple, & easy to follow process?
  • A TRUSTED PARTNER - Do you need someone who will show up for you during this season of your life in the way you do for everyone in your life? Someone who will take an 8pm phone call to make you feel heard, understood, and validated?
  • INNOVATION - Do you need someone who can learn your story & vision and help you get creative in making your budget go further & telling the story about that time on your first date that you laughed so hard you had Awesome Blossom coming out of your nose in a unique way?


After watching nearly 50 couples experience wedding planning, I've found the majority of planning stress comes from 3 things:

  • Inviting (and paying for) guests you wouldn't miss if they didn't attend
  • Doing (and paying for) things that you don't actually want because it's what other people expect
  • Feeling alone in the process


That's why I've developed a 3 part formula to combating overwhelm and get you back to being excited:

  • Small guest counts to maintain the intimacy of the event
  • Creative solutions to tell your unique story & make your budget go further
  • A proven planning process to keep shit simple with a personal planner who wants to show up for you in the moments that count the most.


  1. MVP Phase - In this phase we book your most in demand vendors
  2. Design & Logistics Phase - In this phase we focus on everything pretty & functional in your wedding day
  3. The Final Wrap Phase - In this phase we reconcile all of our plans and wrap a metaphorical bow around your wedding day
  4. Your Wedding Day - It's your wedding day & you feel exactly like Steffi: "I cannot imagine my wedding feeling any more perfect than it did with Lillian Rose Events at the helm. The day of the wedding I did not have to think about anything but getting ready and having a good time.‚Äč"

Let's plan your wedding together!