Dazzled by Emily& Adriana

Dazzled by Emily& Adriana



Dazzled is an innovative event planning and destination management agency based in Sicily. It was born of the friendship and common passions of two dazzling girls, Adriana Smentek (Polish & Sicilian origin) and Emily Andrejic (Swedish & Serbian origin).

We met when we were both asked to help a TV crew while they were filming a show in Sicily and after two minutes, we knew we had so much in common.

We love Sicily, weddings and luxury travel. We have both worked as wedding planners and in the tourism industry, so it was clear from the very first day that we would end up working together.

Always on the run discovering new corners of this island, enjoying everyday life with a big smile is our motto. Our love for Sicily is leading the way in our passion for planning and organizing. Realizing the other person’s visions and dreams for their event or vacation in Beautiful Sicily is something we do from the heart with passion. We will give inputs and make suggestions, but you as our client always have the last word. We don’t see any limits, Sicily offers everything between heaven and earth.

We don’t follow fashion, we create events based on your personal vision. There are no set rules, there is no right or wrong. Everybody interprets love, luxury, fashion, style in their own personal way. That’s where we come along putting all those pieces together creating something unforgettable and personalized. We care about creating, delivering, and putting great smiles on people’s faces. We are Perfectionists, that take care of every aspect from the smallest detail to the biggest. We are here for YOU, for YOU to realize your dream, vision, and desire. It’s only for you to sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to a professional.

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