Artistry with bbkitties

Artistry with bbkitties



TL;DR: Selena is a freelance Makeup Artist based in NYC and available for nationwide service. As a graduate of the London Academy of Freelance Makeup, with 3 years of professional experience in NYC, and an additional 5 years of part-time makeup artistry, she is ready to make your special day perfect! (Continue reading to hear more about her experiences!)

Hey there!

My name is Selena, and I am a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. I've had a love for makeup and all forms of art for as long as I can remember, but I didn't turn my passion into a career until about 2016. At that time, I was at Penn State studying for something else entirely, while working at the local ULTA and doing makeup for my friends on the side.

Since then, I've moved to NYC, worked my way up at Sephora as a certified studio artist to become the Studio Coordinator, where I helped train new, up-and-coming artists. I've also been chosen to be a featured artist at launch events for KVD Beauty and Fenty Beauty! In January of 2020, my freelance book finally felt more secure than my job at Sephora, so I took the leap and quit my job to freelance full time! ........ until the pandemic happened.

My books, which had been filled for almost the entire year, got wiped clean in a matter of weeks-- you all know how this story goes. So, since I had the time and needed something to put my mental energy into, I enrolled as a student at the London Academy of Freelance Makeup to earn a diploma in International Freelance Makeup Artistry. I finished my program in June of 2021, and most recently, I was added to the AOFMPro Team to work backstage at this season's New York Fashion Week! The team and I worked on shows such as Nolcha and Global Fashion Collective at NYFWxFIFTH, Tombogo, and Stan Clothing and Chelsea Grays at New York Men's Day.

Now that you know a little more about my journey to become your new favorite MUA, I can't wait to learn all about you, your wedding, and everything I can do to make the day perfect! <3