Welcome to Skybornvisual and the artistic, creativity and technical skills of Nada Khalaf-Jones. We are skilled in written, photographic and film work. We make wedding film that is eternal, we ceaselessly perfect wedding concept and believe wedding cinematography is a pure art form standing alone in the world of visual artistry. Prices begin at $1750 for 3 hours going to $2000 for 4 hours. we typically bring three cameras and two microphones to every shoot we do. Include aerial film and photo? Our hourly rate is $500. These prices include your finished film.

Come to us for sizzling intimacy or flat out raucous party and anything in between, we can be in your face or invisible. Always tasteful. We love to do this, it isn't work, we were born to make these films.

For us the ocean, air and earth are backgrounds threading your life into beautiful harmony. We present drone, 360 and GoPro action in the ocean as well as ultra high definition visuals for any of your wedding concepts. Yes. We even strap GoPro's to the sky diving couple.

We hope we come together to present your wedding day. If you are inside or outside, high up or low down, urban or wilderness our cameras will bring your story it's flow.

Our editing skills, angles, slow steady shots, highlight reels or documentary filming is top notch, perfect to make your eternal story come to life for eternity.

Choose from the concepts you'd like to begin with...let these be a guide. With many friends in the wedding same passionate relationship with weddings as us, that we can suggest concepts and ideas overflowing with all the most simple or complex ideas for the looks and styles we're seeing the most.