Frontier Fortitude

Frontier Fortitude



Frontier Fortitude was born in 2011. Once my son was born I was looking for new ways to be creative; to be more involved in witnessing life as it's story played out in front of me. I dug back into the old photo bag and design box and started a business that was affordable for couples, families, small business owners, and non-profit organizations to have their life stories told and witnessed through photo and design. Frontier Fortitude offers a variety of photo needs and basic design needs that fit your budget.

Since 2011 The Frontier has been present at weddings, family portrait sessions, starter modeling sessions, town events, professional portrait sessions, and a variety of sporting events. Services such as business branding, newsletters, e-newsletter design, and simple web design are offered.

Feel free to look through the portfolios, social media accounts, and website to get a taste of The Frontier!