Caterina Errani

Caterina Errani



When I am requested to be the eye of a new emotional wedding or elopement, a sort of magic begins. It is all about beauty. Feelings. Happiness. It is all about making unique fine art images full of emotions and precious moments, that will make the enchanting day last forever.

Its the celebration of the moment. An intense look, a tear of joy, a smile, a kiss, a backlight caress, the spouses immersed in a wonderful natural setting. Here is what the beauty of a moment can treasure. On the most beautiful day in the world.

My own style is pure reportage, I let things happen, and I photograph the beauty of reality in a discreet, true way. Only in this way the images after years will bring back exactly the same emotion.

I am in love with feelings. My photography was born about 20 years ago, with film rolls, with the need of collecting small and precious dream pieces from my remote travels.

And make people dream. Nothing has changed since then: with more than 200 active weddings I keep on reporting dreams .. everywhere.

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For our wedding we wanted a "Travel Reporter", someone who could describe one of our most beautiful days by capturing every emotion, and tell our story, our journey. We were not just looking for photos to frame after the day, we were looking for that kind of photo you stop and look at, and that brings you back the emotion of feeling the moment alive : the warmth of a laughter, the embrace of your loved ones, your best friends happily celebrating, that look of understanding between you and the person you love most, small but so important gestures...
Caterina gave us all this : very attentive to each detail, she knows how to capture the moment by letting you live and enjoy the day. She has great sensitivity and prefers the spontaneity of the scene, while capturing the beauty in every image. Each story is unique, and Caterina will know how to tell it through emotional photographs.
Thanks Caterina !

Jul 06, 2020
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We chose Caterina for our wedding reportage, and we could not make a better choice !! She was recommended us by some couples of friends and her candid style, sweetness, availability and professionalism immediatly won us over.
We first contacted her by phone since we live abroad, and communication has always been impeccable. She always made us feel comfortable, and was practically invisible during the wedding. Her photos, all so natural and candid, are a unique memory that will make us relieve the amazing emotions of our most special day, forever.
Thank you, Merci, Grazie ! :*
Alice & John

Jul 06, 2020