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Quite often, our job is to capture and preserve special moments. This is the philosophy we bring on your wedding day. As professionals, we understand moments are both natural and created. It's our job to find the right balance, so you can enjoy your wedding day. We will help guide through the whole process before and on your wedding day. All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest.

We are very passionate about we do. With over 20 years of experience, there isn't much we can't do. Learning new techniques is integral to our craft, so we can provide you the best possible service. Please take a moment to look through some of work we have done!

3 Reviews for Blask Photography
Savannah Kankula

I got married a little less than a year ago and James was the photographer at our wedding. He was AWESOME! I didn't have to worry about "what pictures to take" because he knew what was needed. We were able to discuss our opinion with him without any issues and he had no problem with ideas we threw at him. Super easy to work with! Overall amazing experience!

Jan 04, 2018
Jessica Hebert

James was the photographer we chose to do our wedding and that was the best decision we ever made, aside from choosing to marry one another of course. He did an amazing job! We were blown away and brought to tears when we saw them! The shots he got were perfect and really captured the moment. Thank you so much James!

Jan 03, 2018
Victoria Murdoch

When my husband and I tied the knot, James was our photographer. He did an amazing job taking the photos and getting them to us fairly quickly afterwards. He was very polite and helped us remember that special day. Thank you so much!

Sep 28, 2017