Chaplain Robin Eve

Chaplain Robin Eve

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Cameron Crayton

I had the pleasure of having Robin officiate my wedding couple years back. I remember the amount of time she spent critiquing each and every little detail. How her confidence help me relax. How her direction, was to the point and easy to comprehend, helpingthe day just flow. I honestly couldn’t see anyone marrying us, and thank you for making my wedding day as special as it was.

Jul 04, 2018

We had the privilege of having Chaplin Robin Eve officiate our wedding. Robin went out of her way to get to know us as a family coming to our.home.and spending time with us. Our cemerony was amazing and memorable. Robins professionalism is unparrelled. If you are looking for an amazing officiant than Chapin Robin is THE ONE!

Jun 03, 2018
Christiane Molina

When I asked Suzanne to marry me, I was grateful and excited that she said yes and was ever ready for the commitment and adventure that our marriage would bring.
When reflecting upon what our wedding would look and feel like, I found myself at a loss when searching for an officiant that reflected the warmth, passion and joy that Suzanne and I felt toward one another. My mind kept coming back to an incredible friend that I am still blessed to have in my life. While online and very much in the moment, I sent a message to her and asked if she would be willing to take the steps necessary to become an officiant for our ceremony. It was technically the second time in just a few months that I asked an incredible woman to marry me, and gratefully, Robin Eve said yes!

Throughout the process of preparation, Robin took time to talk with us about the tone and depth of what would be presented during our ceremony. She encouraged us to write our vows and supported our ideas in who would stand up for us during the ceremony and what words they would say. Our ceremony wasn't typically religious, but we felt God was present in our love and so much so by the loving hands and spirited heart that joined us.

May 27, 2018