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We craft ethical engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry in New York. Each of our pieces is an exploration in combining contemporary techniques with antique styles. We have a deep fascination with the past and tremendous respect for the future. Our family has been making jewelry since 1872, and we are honored to continue the tradition.
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When going into the process of getting a custom ring, I was a little nervous as I not only had no clue what I was doing, but that this ring was going to be a milestone birthday gift to myself. Not an eye was batted when I explained myself and they were actually excited to do a custom “You Power” ring.

Jacob is incredibly knowledgeable and great at explaining the different stone options/cuts, ring sizing, and making sure to stay in budget. He is very transparent in letting you know when you are reaching your budget limit and proposing alternatives to make sure you can still get the ring of your dreams without fear of breaking the bank. He also sent plenty of videos and pictures of the stones, so if you are nervous about virtual appointments, don’t worry!

MK responds quickly to emails and has a sixth sense when you are about to reach out, usually emailing with a check-in/answer right when you are about send one.

Overall, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with S. Kind & Co. They were going to be my first choice in making an engagement ring, but since that didn’t pan out, I am glad I took the opportunity to inquire about a custom ring for myself. I actually found it quite empowering!

Thank you to Jacob, MK, and all at S. Kind & Co. for helping guide me through the process and crafting my first ever heirloom. This ring is more special than I ever could have dreamed and I sincerely encourage anyone looking to gift themselves something truly special to reach out to S. Kind & Co.

Apr 15, 2021
Shawn Spears
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In the summer/fall of 2018 with thousands of searches on the perfect ring suddenly came to a stop when I came across S. Kind & Co online. The moment I opened the page and read their motto was everything I've been searching for. Everything from the personalization, attention to detail, the ethical process, and the feeling that it's a piece with a one of a kind story and not just another shelf ring from a large store that can be replaced overtime.

I still remember when I ordered it and the person who helped me was named Jules. We were coming down to the delivery date when the package company didn't come on arrival and would return the next day. Unfortunately the next day was our big trip up to Maine for the Fall Foliage where I would propose to her. I reached out to Jules who did everything in their power to ensure I got the ring and next thing I knew the company sent the driver back out for delivery after 5:00pm.

Once I had the box I spent every moment ensuring it was always with me. One too many YouTube and funniest home videos had put fear in losing it because of a windy day. Our road trip was in motion and we spent the next 10 days on one of the best trips ever. Half way through the trip we took a stop at a small town known as Camden with a population of about 5,000 and some of the most heartwarming people we ever met. We explored the small Christmas like town with all it's unique boutique shops, took a hike to the nearby mountain on a sunset to see the entire town, and finished the night with the most generous pours of wine and the best seafood we had to this date. After dinner we took a walk and not a person was out that night. I led her over to the docks where the ocean water was lit up by the small lamps and as she was overlooking the water, I took a couple steps back pretending I would take a night photo. I asked her to turn around and the next thing she saw was me on my knee asking her to marry me. Tears ran down her face and immediate hug to an immediate yes. Still today she still talks about that trip and still today she wears that engagement ring as if it was a part of her soul.

Fast forward 2 years later and we are married as of October 24th 2020. The start to this beautiful life we share now is all thanks to S. Kind & Co amazing staff.

Dec 28, 2020
Tessaly Jen
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Jacob did an amazing job listening to and interpreting what I wanted in my engagement ring, and then finding a center stone and designing a ring that is the perfect encapsulation of what I'd hoped for. I can't stop staring at the sapphire and the unique and intricate mountain detail on the gallery.

Dec 28, 2020
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