Brillianteers is a family run business with over 30 years of devotion and experience in the industry.

We are diamond jewelry manufactures based in the US with offices in the UK, Israel, and Australia. 

As major suppliers to many of the leading jewelry stores across the world, we have decided to open up our doors to allow the online community the opportunity to purchase directly from the source. 

By purchasing from Brillianteers.com you are able to cut out all of the so-called "middle men" allowing us to pass the saving directly on to you. Our jewelry is exclusively designed and completely hand crafted "in house" from beginning to end.

Jewelry Craftsmenship - We are committed to the highest standards of jewelry craftsmanship. Each ring is first crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions of your diamond and your required ring size. Only then are the diamonds hand set to give them a brilliant secure finish. 

All of our diamonds are "Conflict Free", meaning that we adhere to the strict Kimberley Process rules and regulations.

At Brillianteers, we offer a 30 day return policylifetime warranty and free ring sizing.