Nettied in Boont

Nettied in Boont

Nettied in Boont provides complete customized and personal event planning and coordination complemented with custom floral design to enhance whatever the occasion might be.
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Penny M

I cannot begin to express how disappointing my experience has been with Bronwen Hanes of Nettied in Boont. I booked Bronwen to do the flowers and coordination for our wedding next July. After booking Bronwen, she suggested we get together in September or October to decide on ribbon colors and tour the venue together, however she took our 25% deposit and completely disappeared. I last heard from Bronwen on October 3rd, however she has completely disappeared since then. For nearly two months I've tried to get in touch with Bronwen by email and phone, and have left several voicemails, but have received no response. After this complete lack of communication on Bronwen's part, I've decided I have no choice but to find a new florist. Despite sending Bronwen a notice of cancellation by email and through the Knot, I have still heard nothing from her. Per our contract, a cancellation prior to July 1, 2019 should result in a refund of our deposit, however she has not acknowledged any of my emails, and has not returned the deposit.

Obviously planning a wedding is stressful enough, you shouldn't have to deal with vendors flaking out on you. Save yourself the time and effort that getting deposit back will entail, and just don't book her in the first place.

Nov 25, 2018