Events by Kristina Elyse

Events by Kristina Elyse


Based in Sacramento, Ca Events by Kristina Elyse is a full service planning company assisting in everything from budget management to vendor shopping to event design and overall coordination. Contact Kristina today for a free consult! 
1 Review for Kristina Foerster

Kristina is INCREDIBLE!! I’m a very organized, type A personality and so I put off hiring a wedding planner until the very last minute thinking I wanted to handle every small detail myself. I was wrong! I never thought I’d meet someone more organized and detailed than I am, but Kristina takes the cake!

She is kind, easy to work with and super fun! Trust me - you do not want to handle every detail of your wedding yourself day of (set up, take down, favors, transportation, pinning corsages, etc.)

Hiring Kristina was one of the best choices we made for our entire wedding. You need her (even if you don’t know it yet) trust me!

Sep 08, 2019