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DeVa Photoraphy



We are husband & wife photography team.  We see photography as a meaningful investment into the lives of others.
As the lead photographer I love what I do so it is easier for me to use patience and persistence to develop visual story.
I take my client's ideas as a starting point – and add my own personality, perspective, and creativity to the portrait sessions.
Overall, we make sure to consider every detail of the photo session in order to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be.

I believe to be a good photographer, you have to be tuned in to what is really going through the minds of those you’re photographing.

One half of my job is to capture powerful, emotive moments that are created by those taking part in the weddings. The other half is to create my own wow moments.

One of my favourite memories as a wedding photographer was witnessing a little boy  shed a tear watching his mother getting married  to the man he saw as a father figure – it’s a moment mom will never want to forget

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