5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Even More You

5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Even More You
A big part of planning a wedding has to do with YOU! Every wedding is different but what makes the day most special, is it’s representation of your personality. The flowers could be breathtaking, and the venue could be a five star rating, but the personal details are what remind your guests exactly who they are there to celebrate and that's YOU. Here's some of the ways we do that with our planning + design clients:
5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Even More You


Sometimes what really makes a wedding unique to a couple is when you think outside the box. Just because it is the “traditional” way doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you don’t like the idea of having cake at your wedding, don't have one! Find a different sweet like chocolate covered strawberries and it will make the moment even more memorable. Another way to set your Wedding a part is to repurpose. Think of all the elements you may need to include for functionality purposes of your Wedding and find a way to add in your personality. For example, one of our couples LOVED finding vintage items. Instead of folded escort cards, we tied names to old bud vases which each guest got to bring home (doubles as a favor). Not only that, as each guest brough their vase to the table, the centerpieces doubled in size adding to the design of the tablescapes.


Is there something you and your fiancé really love together? Lean on these as inspiration to find ways to represent you during the celebration. During cocktail hour, have a favorite game out for guests to play! Is there a movie or song you absolutely love? Include a quote or lyrics on your menu stationery. This brings in more of something your personality while sparking conversation between your guests!       

5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Even More You


This is always a fun way to add that something extra to the party. Whether you mix your own signature cocktail recipe or choose a cocktail that represents a special memory, it's great way to put your personal touch on the bar (while maybe even educating your guests!) When it comes to food, incorporating menu items and flavors that are special to you two can really add some sparkle. Was your first date at a Mexican restaurant? Add a taco bar!


You might have a particular tradition or a meaningful moment that is prominent in your life. Whether it’s a specific wedding tradition done for generations before you, a signature song played at every family gathering, or a time or place that felt special to you, it’s wonderful any time you can reminisce on past memories. For example, one of our clients incorporated a log cutting Ceremony from the Grooms German culture!  

5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Even More You

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