4 Tips To Help Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

4 Tips To Help Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

There are so many details that go into planning a Wedding that it can become overwhelming! When we work with clients, we have worksheets and methods that are all focused to help our clients feel organized and in control of the planning process so they can go into the month-of with total confidence. If you are planning on your own with out a Wedding Planner, finding ways to stay organized can reduce stress and allow you to go into the day with peace of mind. Here are a few easy ways you can implement at the beginning of the Wedding Planning process that can make planning your wedding and the day of go as smooth as possible.

Implement Digital Organization

While paper is just fine and can offer great results, lots of papers can become disorganized easily or lost. From invoices to must-have lists, storing things on your Google Drive or other cloud platform, using an organizational app, or downloading a Wedding Planning software can be very useful.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest can help you organize your ideas and save things you find on the Webs while researching. This option is particularly useful in helping you find a color pallet, layout, and style. Not only can it help you find ideas, but you can organize your photos into boards (and sub-board) that you can continue to add-to. PRO TOP: Add the Pinterest plugin to your browser and you can easily pin anything you find on the internet!

Get It Out Of Your Head - Make Lists

Checklists allow you to store less in your mind. With so many details involved in planning, relying solely on your brain can be a lot. Writing things out, whether digital or on paper, can be therapeutic in getting your thoughts out. Some helpful lists to start with are vendors to book, decor pieces, timeline notes, and to-do lists. Some Wedding Planning software already provides you a great starting point. Our personal favorite is Zola!

Delegate - Delegate - Delegate!

Having ears to run ideas by or hands to help to take on portions of the planning process can make things more organized and keep them on track. Friends and family often want to feel involved and help, so don't be afraid to use them! Of course, we are always proponents of hiring a Wedding Planner as that can allow you to focus on the fun! There are Planners and Coordinators out there with all degrees of support, so find the right one for you to help take some of it off of your plate. 

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