A Modern Fairytale

A Modern Fairytale
The inspiration for this project comes from the wonderful illustrations from a girls book in which the main character breaks the curse that turned a prince in an ice statue, helped by the spirits of the matrioska, a gift from the protagonist’s grandmother: a bear, a wolf and a phoenix, which respectively bring back the spring, the moon, and the sun.
What is striking is that the traditional roles are reversed: it is a heroine who saves the prince!
The project has been enriched with symbolisms, traditions and meanings of Russian culture and folklore, giving life to a modern fairytale in which the protagonist is a bride-heroine, helped by her animal friends.
Traditional fairytales and Russian iconography inspire a romantic and nostalgic wedding, in a unique place that seems to be a combination of history and modernity.
The bride's kokoshnik (typical Russian headdress worn by married women) is embroidered with a design that recalls a national pictorial style, called khokhloma: intertwining flowers, branches and berries, in the typical colors of Russia.
The same design and the shape of the headdress are inspiration for the wedding stationery, and for the mise en place, while the wedding rings are kept in a precious lacquered box illustrated with the drawings of traditional fairytales.
The embroidered napkins, the chargers with fairytale scenes by the great Russian painters, and the intertwined asparagus fern runner,
recreate a winter atmosphere that seems frozen over time, as if to recall the last great Romanov ball at the Winter Palace.
After lunch, according to tradition, the meal ends with a nice cup of black tea enriched with healthy herbs or homemade red fruit jam.
On the stove, a recurring item in Russian fairytales, there is a set for this moment.
The beautiful samovàr is used to boil water and fill cups, which are glasses with silver bases decorated with typical scenes of the homeland.
Beautiful spice bowls and spoons decorated in ceramic will help to flavor the tea.
For those who prefer other drinks, a typical plate holds the Russian glass bottles, which recall the spires of the Kremlin.
To help our heroine bride, there are the bear, the grey wolf and the phoenix, which appear in different forms during the story.
They are first transformed into ceramics, as place cards or favors.
Then the phoenix settles into the fireplace and lets itself catch fire, in sparkling red-orange sparks, to then become silver ashes.
Her friends look after and support it, this time the bear carved in wood, and the wolf warming the bride with his fur.
Then the phoenix reborns from its ashes, purified.
In fact, its essence is found in the white wedding cake, designed with clean lines, and stylized feathers that move creating fluid and curvilinear movements.
A change of clothes also marks a change of scene.
From the abundance of flowers and interlaces of the first wedding dress, which recalled the style of the khokhloma, the second one recalls the rebirth of the phoenix, purified in the lines and shapes, in favor of a cleaner and simpler dress, with a modern design with fairytale references reminded by the beautiful wide sleeves.
The water reflects our heroine in this new dress as a new bride, who moves in brighter places, to indicate the future that awaits her, full of other adventures but always accompanied and supported by the power of love:
love for the prince she saved, for her helpers, and for herself.
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