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Why Premarital Counseling Can Be The Best (and Least Expensive!) Part Of Planning Your Wedding
I Certainly Do Not Consider Myself To Be A Numbers Person; That Is My Husband’s Domain As A Financial Advisor And The “cfo” Of Our Family. However, After Talking To Several Of My Couples About Their Wedding, And Commiserating About How Expensive It Is To Have A Wedding These Days, I Became Curious About The Numbers. Just How Much Does It Cost To Celebrate This Special Day With Friends And Family? And If You Are Spending All Of That Money, Is It Worth Adding Yet Another Cost (premarital Counseling) To The Bill? The National Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2019, According To The Knot, Was $33,900*. The Cost Of Premarital Counseling Is $550. If My Math Is Correct (believe Me, I Had To Check It More Than Once!), That Means That The Cost Of Premarital Counseling Is 1.62% Of Your Total Wedding Cost. now Bear In Mind, This Is An Average; I Am Using This Number For Illustrative Purposes Only. There Are Plenty Of Creative Couples Who Can Have A Wedding For A Third Of The Cost (and Instead Spend 4.8% Of Their Wedding Cost On Premarital Counseling). My Message Is This: You Are Spending Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars For One Day, Making Sure You Have A Gorgeous Dress, Beautiful Flowers, Delicious Food, And Dance-worthy Music For A Successful Wedding Day, But How Much Are You Spending To Ensure That You Are Prepared For A Lifetime Of Relationship Success? What Happens When The Music Stops, The Drinks Stop Flowing, Everyone Goes Home, And You Wake Up The Next Day As Mr. And Mrs.? Have You Established A Strong Foundation That Will Support You Through The Inevitable Challenges And Difficulties That Will Come With Marriage? Are Your Values Truly Aligned?many People Are Hesitant To Seek Out Premarital Counseling For Fear That It Means “something Is Wrong With Their Relationship” (one Of The 4 Myths Of Premarital Counseling). Premarital Counseling Is Not The Same As Couples Therapy; It Is A Proactive Way To Determine Your Strengths And Growth Areas As A Couple. It Is A Chance To Spend Some Quality, Dedicated Time With Each Other And A Neutral Third Party, Someone Whose Goal It Is To Set You Up For Marriage Success And Provide You With Skills And Tools To Navigate Potential Challenges. It Is, In Short, One Of The Best (and Least Expensive!) Investments You Can Make In Your Relationship.if You Are Interested In Learning More, Please Click Here For Information About Prepare/enrich, Or Contact Me To Set Up Your Free 30-minute Introductory Session!
8 Great Insider Secrets To Help You Plan The Perfect Dream Destination Wedding.
Author Catrina Reese There Is Absolutely Nothing More Special Than Getting Married On The Sand Someplace Tropical And Romantic. As Beautiful And Exquisite As These Locations Are; It Takes A Lot Of Work Planning A Destination Wedding. There’s Much More To Take Into Account Than The Perfect Venue Itself; Which Definitely Is The Main Item On The List Of Priorities. Timing Of Your Ceremony, Weather At The Location, And Your Guests’ Availability To Travel Are All Major Concerns Every Couple Planning A Destination Wedding Needs To Consider. So, Check Out These 8 Great Insider Secrets When Planning A Memorable Getaway For You And Your Guests. These Tips Can Help You Pull Off A Destination Wedding To Remember. 1. Pick The Perfect Spot Your Wedding Location Determines Not Only The Mood, But Also The Travel, Time And Budget Required To Pull It Off. Your Wedding Elements—which Include Location, Activities And Overall Ambiance—should Say Something About Your Shared Style And Passions. And What Makes A Wedding Memorable Is When Your Guests Head Back Home From Your Wedding Weekend Saying, That Was So Them! If Your First Vacation Was Somewhere Tropical? Invite Friends And Family To A Resort In Mexico, The Caribbean Or Hawaii. 2. Time It Right Unfortunately, The Best Weather In Popular Vacation Destinations Tends To Correlate With Tourist Season, When There Are Typically More Crowds, Fewer Hotel And Venue Availabilities, And Higher Rates All Around. If You’re Planning A Destination Wedding During This Peak Time, Book Your Venue And Reserve Your Room As Soon As Possible. If You Opt For The Off-season, You May Be Able To Save Yourself And Your Guests Some Money And Still Enjoy Great Weather. While The Off-season Will Mean Fewer Crowds, The Weather Can Be A Gamble, So Consider The Caribbean’s Hurricane Season. Some Places You May Consider Many Have Their Stores, Venues And Vendors Close Up Shop. 3. Give Everyone A Heads-up I Hear A Lot Of Brides Say “i Have Been Planning For This Day Since I Was A Kid” And The People They Desire To Be In Their Bridal Party Are Special Family And Friends. So, When You Are Planning A Destination Wedding Before You Ask Them To Stand By Your Side, Let Them Know So They Can Gracefully Decline If Their Finances Are Tight. And It’s A Good Idea To Give The Rest Of Your Guest List Plenty Of Notice So They Can Begin To Plan And Get The Best Deals On Flights And Make Appropriate Arrangements To Be There As Well. Send Out Save-the-dates At Least Eight Months In Advance So You Will Not Be Too Upset If Some Of Your Closest Friends Or Relatives Don't Attend. While You Are, In A Sense Footing Some Of The Food Bills, Their Fees For Travel, Hotel And Extras Can Really Add Up. 4. Make Guests Feel Welcome & Dress The Part Your Friends And Family Are Eager To Celebrate With You, So Create A Wedding Website That Will Make It Easy For Them To Find All The Necessary Details In One Place—like Group Rates For Flights And Hotel Rooms—how To Get To And From The Airport, A List Of Nearby Activities They May Want To Do On Their Own And An Itinerary Of The Weekend’s Events, Like The Rehearsal Or Welcome Dinner. And Upon Arrival, Make Sure Welcome Bags Are In Their Rooms; Like Sunscreen, Water And Bug Spray. Don't Forget To Consider The Climate When Choosing Your Wedding Attire—and The Dress Code For Each Of Your Events. You'll Be Swimming In Sweat If You Pair Your Satin Ball Gown Or Wool Suit With The Humidity That Comes With A Tropical Outdoor Venue, And It’s Considerate To Give Guests A Heads-up On Appropriate Attire And Footwear If You’ll Be Exchanging Vows On The Sand. 5. Factor In The Extra Expenses If Done And Planned Right, A Destination Wedding Can Cost No More Or Maybe Even Less—than Hosting The Same Party At Home (depending On Where You Live, Of Course). For Example, If You Live In A Us Metropolitan City Where Venues Are In High Demand Then Holding Your Wedding In Mexico Will Likely Be Less Expensive Than Doing It At Home, Even When You Total In Airfare, Hotel Expenses And Local Excursions. Still, There May Be Extra Expenses You'll Need To Factor In For Any Destination Wedding, Including Welcome Bags For Guests And Travel Costs For You And Your Immediate Families. So, Make A Budget That’s Realistic And Factors In All Of These Extra Costs. 6. Research Local Marriage Requirements The Legal Side Of Tying The Knot In A Different Country Can Be Complicated And Should Be Researched. Many Countries Have A Residency Requirement (for Example, 24 Hours In Turks And Caicos) Which Means You Must Reside In The Country For A Certain Length Of Time Before Your Ceremony. Although This Is Usually Just A Few Days, It Can Be Longer. If It's Next To Impossible To Do It At Your Chosen Destination And Have It Legally Recognized, Consider Making It Official (by Government Standards) Before You Travel. That Way Your Wedding Day Will Be In Front Of Your Guests, But There's No Doubt It's The Real Deal. 7. Get Help Control Freaks, Beware: If You're Hosting A Wedding In A Distant Locale, You Will Need To Entrust At Least Part Of The Planning To Someone Else's Capable Hands. You Can Get A Coordinator To Be Your Behind-the-scenes Go-to Person To Assist With The Local Destination If Creating Gift Bags For Guests, Greeting Everyone At The Airport, Keeping People Busy With Fun Activities Once There, Vetting Special Requests (babysitters, Dry Cleaners, And So On), And Getting Everyone Where They Need To Be On Time. 8. Consider The Elements It's Essential To Think Of The Unexpected When Planning A Destination Wedding. Talk With Your Planner Or Venue About Lighting: If Your Reception Takes Place Outdoors, You'll Need Backup For When The Sun Goes Down And For Safety Too. Stringing Market Lights Or Adding A Romantic Vibe With Hundreds Of Candles Are Great. And Even Through Crashing Waves Are Peaceful And Romantic, Your Guests Want To Hear Your Vows. So, Consider Lapel Mics, And Make Sure That The Dj Or Band Has Enough Equipment And Power To Entertain All Night As Well. Besides That, Think About What Else You Can Provide To Make It A Better Experience For Your Guests, Like Flip-flops For Your Oceanfront Ceremony Or Umbrellas In The Event Of A Late Afternoon Drizzle.
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