In Loving Color

In Loving Color

By: Laura Gust & Marykate Marley

A silver lining shines through the COVID-19 global pandemic: we’re reimagining the traditional - lifestyles, workplaces and now, wedding ceremonies. Unsave the dates are mailed, cotton masks hide faces in lieu of lace veils. Reduced to the essential, can we learn to create our own traditions? With the ceremony no longer the only milestone, an opportunity arises to focus on something more intimate: the ring. 

For decades, one stone has signified the size and perfection of a married-to-be couple’s love - the diamond. Before WWII, only 10% of engagement rings were diamond. Everything changed in 1947 when De Beers marketing campaign introduced “diamonds are forever.” Those immortal words set off an industry, establishing the idea that only one type of stone could signify marital union. It’s true that the diamond tells the story of a couple’s love and commitment, but it also tells the story of a powerful marketing campaign and the influence of advertisement. Colored stones exist outside of the conventional ideal created by De Beers, and allow a couple to choose their story.  
Of course, one needn’t turn down a chic round brilliant cut or romantic rose cut diamond, if the fire and light play speaks to a person. But perhaps consider colored stones for their ability to capture the unique character of a relationship - the deep, contemplative blue of a Montana sapphire, or the playful and sensuous pink of spinel. The pandemic has moved us to re-envision what tradition means in our own lives. The ring, as a lasting symbol of love, is a reflection of the light that burns between two people, and can shine in any color. 
According to Jacob Louis, owner and designer of S. Kind & Co, “There is no such thing as one gem being more beautiful than another gem.” An affinity for a particular stone indicates a great match with its proprietress. When you choose the stone for your engagement ring, allow yourself to fall in love at first sight with a gem that echoes your story. “The joy of working with my clients is finding what’s beautiful and important to them and then being inspired by that love to create something that’s meaningful for them” says Jacob Louis.
Here are eight colored gemstone rings that symbolize every shade of romance:

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