Events by Kristina Elyse

Events by Kristina Elyse


Events by Kristina is a full-service event planning and design company. Kristina's passion is to create a classic and timeless event that brings her clients a unique vision to life.
There is something to be said gathering your family and friends to celebrate your love together. Each client we work with is beautiful and unique with what they vision their day to be. It is our true honor to make that dream their reality.
Our goal as your coordinator is to put your mind at ease and bring your vision to life. It's all in the small details that bridge the gap and help elevate your event from good to amazing.
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Makenna Liuzzi
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My husband and I didn’t realize until the final months leading up to our wedding that we needed a coordinator to help get us to the finish line. We luckily found Kristina, and let me tell you, she is the real deal! She’s extremely professional, organized, and reliable; and has a keen ability to handle any situation with the most positive, and calm demeanor (i.e. surprise rain storm in the last hour of our outdoor wedding). She truly went above and beyond to ensure our day was so smooth and stress free, and we are forever grateful! I promise you will not regret hiring Kristina.

Sep 16, 2020
Krystal and Chase Baxter
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Where to begin with this incredible superwoman?! My husband and I were in engaged thanksgiving of 2018 and knew right away that we NEEDED a wedding planner. (I was finished the credential program and he was finishing college) One of the first things I did was look through the Wedding Guide and turned to the event planner section and flipped through until I reached Kristina’s ad. I had a feeling about her right away and decided to reach out. She called me and we hit it off! We hired Events by Kristina Elyse mid-January of 2019. In total, we had Kristina on our team for almost a full year before our wedding on January 4, 2020. During this time, she got to know us as individuals and as a couple and really took the time to get a deep understanding of what our vision was. She was always available for a call or text, never made us feel inadequate or ridiculous for not knowing something or asking questions. From the beginning, Kristina has been there for us more times than I can recall. Kristina has been there for me during the rare times my bridesmaids couldn’t make it and even went to try on different colored bridesmaid’s dresses for me! It was such a fun girl’s day. She’s the absolute best at what she does and I can guarantee she can help make your day go off without a hitch and help you make all of your dreams come true. She also comes with a HUGE list of amazing vendors! After our wedding, we did not only come out with the wedding of our dreams, but we also left with a great friend in Kristina! We absolutely love her and are forever grateful for her.

Feb 18, 2020
Alyssa Louie
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We are so glad to have worked with Kristina for our wedding in November 2019, and I still feel super lucky she had my date available when I reached out a few months before the event. From the start, Kristina was responsive and professional about contacting me and providing information about her services; this high level of communication continued through the remaining prep time and on our wedding day. The planning meetings, and her time and effort to join us for vendor and venue meetings when available, were very helpful and gave us a good chance to all familiarize with people, spaces, and visions in a relatively short period of time. Her ability to coordinate and communicate with all our vendors was a life saver, and the resources, timelines, floor plan developed and shared really helped things go smoothly. I very much appreciated, when working on all those little details and questions to best prepare for the actual day - and I would have never imagined how many things there were to make decisions about or address - that she was kind, encouraging, and didn't make me feel embarrassed about my lack of knowledge or pressured to figure it all out. She was there to offer advice, get things in line, support when there was stress or unexpected challenges; we felt she was more like a friend than a vendor, and it was so nice to have her in our corner and to look to for help! All the preparation, team work, and attention to detail definitely paid off..we had a blast, everything was beautiful, everything packed and wrapped up impressively well at the end, and Kristina and her assistant were thoughtful (making sure we had some drinks and appetizers in hand after the ceremony and post-ceremony pictures) and total pros at getting us through it all and helping where ever needed. Thanks so much Kristina! xo

Feb 09, 2020
Carmen Cross-Henderson
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I rarely write reviews, but when an individual as professional and friendly as Kristina, I could not resist! Although I am writing my review in November 2019 when my wedding was in July, should ring a bell quite well in your hearts! Why the wait for the review? When the emotions are high, it's easy to be bias, but as the emotional high wears, and you are left with the memories, the quiet moments of reflection allows you to look back at what was the most meaningful. I met Kristina at the Bridal expo at the convention center in Sacramento, and I was impressed from the start. Not only was she extremely friendly, she was highly professional! Our wedding was in July- in the middle of the Devil's heat (lol-no joke), but Kristina maintained her composure no matter what and THAT is true dedication! If you should come across her name, or reviews on any website, select her without any hesitation. TRUST and BELIEVE that she is a woman of her word, and is an honest business person. The wedding business needs more like her. I am forever grateful for her creative work that she provided for me and my husband. She will always be a wonderful memory in my heart, and a friend. Event planning is super stressful, but Kristina will bring peace and calm during the storm. Thank you, Kristina! Daniel and I are forever grateful and we love you!!!!

Nov 16, 2019
Lauren Valdez
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What can I not say about this girl?! I met Kristina at a bridal expo about a year ago but not on purpose. At this bridal expo I actually met a coordinator that I thought would be good for our wedding. I mean you need SOMEONE that will help take over the job, right? Anyone would be great.
After walking around, Kristina approached me and at first I was hesitant because I thought I was confident with my choice.
After talking with Kristina, and getting a better idea of what she can offer me, she literally grew on me. I tried to find reasons not to go with her in the beginning HA!
Fast forward to talking with her over the phone. She literally gave me confidence that no other coordinator can give you.
You know there is something special about someone when they give you the help you need and barely ask for anything in return...all with a warm smile.
Kristina, I can not thank you enough for being there for me emotionally when things got stressful, making all the phone calls I dreaded to make, and making our day literally come through beautifully. I seriously do not know what I would have done without you. My day would not have happened the way I anticipated it would be.
I could go on and on - BUT.. THANK YOU for being you and being so great at what you do. God has blessed you!!!
I miss you and will always be thankful for you!!!

Oct 26, 2019
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Kristina is INCREDIBLE!! I’m a very organized, type A personality and so I put off hiring a wedding planner until the very last minute thinking I wanted to handle every small detail myself. I was wrong! I never thought I’d meet someone more organized and detailed than I am, but Kristina takes the cake!

She is kind, easy to work with and super fun! Trust me - you do not want to handle every detail of your wedding yourself day of (set up, take down, favors, transportation, pinning corsages, etc.)

Hiring Kristina was one of the best choices we made for our entire wedding. You need her (even if you don’t know it yet) trust me!

Sep 08, 2019
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