Events by Darren Keala

Events by Darren Keala



Events by Darren Keala is a wedding planning business based in Makawao, Hawaii. Darren has been involved in the industry for several decades, so he has the necessary know-how to craft dream wedding celebrations. Combining this with his experience in the hospitality and floral sectors, Darren is well placed to handle a diverse array of requests. Today, he is thrilled to breathe life into to-be-weds’ fairytale visions.

Crafting bespoke events for his clients is a pursuit that Darren takes very seriously. As such, he has a rigorous process in place which allows him to take each idea and transform it into a tangible reality. A consultation allows a two-way conversation to take place where the clients’ general concept can be conveyed. The next step involves specific details regarding vendor types, themes, decor, and more. Throughout, Events by Darren Keala do all they can to ensure that customers’ fairytales are realized appropriately. A comprehensive suite of services allows this company to achieve its goals. These include full planning, event design, coordination, floral design, and more. Their objective is to take care of the major features and intricate details so that you can simply cherish the occasion and simply enjoy your day on Maui. 

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Letty Beard
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Thank goodness for Darren! To say that Darren SAVED THE DAY would certainly be an understatement. We were nearly down to the wire and the tent wasn’t set up, lighting wasn’t ready, the wedding coordinator demonstrated no knowledge of the necessary skills to perform coordinating duties, the wedding arch wasn’t put together, the music coordinator didn’t have the songs in order for the processional and Darren stepped into action and made it all come together! He went into “action mode” like the “Energizer Bunny” and literally within the hour, Darren pulled it all together and made it happen, beautifully and on time! Please keep in mind, Darren’s only responsibility when he arrived at the venue was to set up for floral arrangements and deliver the bridal party flowers. He could have taken one look at the chaos around him and “fled the scene” But, Darren didn’t Rather, he did a quick assessment of what needed to be done and got to work, gave clear direction, took charge, calmed the bride and before we knew it, it was SHOWTIME!! The bride’s immediate and extended family was filled with gratitude for Darren’s help. BUT, did she stop there??? NO Darren returned at the end of the evening to make certain that all had gone well and give final directions and guidance to close the event. He was a saving grace!

It goes without saying that Darren Keala is TOP NOTCH! He is truly passionate about his craft and he delivers quality products and service. I highly recommend Darren, owner of EVENTS BY DARREN KEALA.

Jul 06, 2021