The Smith Family Ranch, LLC

The Smith Family Ranch, LLC


If you are looking for a Real Country setting for your wedding then you have found us.  We are a Real working cattle ranch. Our barn venue is about 5100 sq.ft. we have both bride & groom dressing rooms inside the barn with there own private bathrooms. Guest restrooms inside the barn. We have enough tables & chairs for at least 200 guests, can accommodate up to 300

Our couples get from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday, so there is no rushing and no extra charges for your rehearsal

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Marisol Hunt

We hired this vendor after visiting the ranch because we thought it would be the ideal place to have a country/rustic wedding. Donna seemed so accommodating and the location was beautiful. We also wanted our funds to help them with their wildlife rescue program. However, we quickly realize she was just putting up a front. We arrive at the barn the day before the wedding and it was filthy, for $3500, we at least expected it to be clean. We had to wipe everything down, sweep the floors, scrub the bathroom, chairs and tables. There were cob web everywhere as if the place had not been touch in months. On the day of the wedding nothing was done that she indicated would be set up, our groomsmen had to set up ceremony chairs, etc. They (Smiths) merely park the antique truck near the barn. During the wedding Donna was acting like she was running the whole show. At first, we felt that she was being helpful but we soon discovered that she was just trying to control the whole event and was trying to rush us out of there. Her husband was also, walking around being rude to our guest. At 9 pm she told the DJ to announce last call, when we had the barn until 11 pm per our agreement. We had purchased tons beverages to cover us from the time the bar service left until 11pm, we also paid several vendors to stay there until 10pm -11pm. When we asked her why she did that she said yes we had the barn until 11pm but the music needed to stop by 10 pm, which I was fine with. However, before I knew it. The table were being cleared off and our guest began to leave, by 9:30 the majority our guest were gone. We were very disappointed with the service.

Jan 03, 2019