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CK Productions was founded on the premise of great quality video without spending thousands of dollars.  We really have a passion for video work.  So if you're looking for a great product without breaking the bank, we would love to speak with you and show you why we would be a great fit for your big day!

How important is video in your planning?  Well, consider that in the days, months, and years after your wedding day, you'll have your dress in storage, your rings to symbolize your love, and your video!  Memorializing that special day.  The cake, the food, the DJ, the flowers, the venue, your guest will be remembered through your video, as you, your children, family and friends in the years to come walk down memory lane through your video.  Your videographer and wedding planner spend more time with you, and provide more memories than any other vendor!  Let CK Productions provide those memories.

3 Reviews for Clinton Fowler
Rebecca Ratteray

Was very pleased with the outcome of the video! Was skeptical based off price, but was the only one willing to work with my budget and needs. Got the final product just a couple weeks later and was very impressed. I guess what you pay for is not necessarily what you get. Highly recommend for any bride!!

Mar 10, 2018
Aubrey Henderson

Looking for a videographer for your Special Day? Allow me to recommend C.K. Productions! My wife and I had the greatest privilege of allowing Clint Fowler of C.K. Productions to shoot the video for our wedding. He is as reliable, responsive, and professional as they come. He arrived prior to his scheduled appointment time, allowing himself ample amount of time to set up and validate that there would be no technical difficulties, allowing my wife and I to be at ease knowing we were in good hands. Clint was extremely willing to listen and allow suggestions on how the video would like to be shot. Throughout the entire ceremony and reception, he was constantly focused on producing the highest quality of video for our Wedding Day memories. Clint was also easy to work with. He continuosly had and has an outstanding attitude and passion for his work. When my wife and I renew our vows later on down the road, you can bet C.K. Productions will be there to capture that moment as well for us. Please look no further for that "special " videographer for YOUR special day! C.K. Productions should be your first and final choice. Thank you Clint and C.K. Productions for making our wedding not only special but also for the cherished memories we can watch over and over again for the rest of our lives.

Mar 09, 2018
MaryAlice Allred

Clint was more and did more than we could have ever asked for. We didn’t even realize we wanted a wedding video until we found him. He paid attention to every little detail he got exactly what was asked of him and so much more. He incorporated every song we had in our wedding, into the video flawlessly and seamlessly. He was fully prepared he even traveled to us. He is not over pricey. He helped guide us in where best to stand for our guests to see us better. He provided us with a highlight portion of the entire event as well. That was a very welcomed surprise. He made time to make it to all locations where everyone got ready he never seemed stressed or crunched for time and was able to capture some of the most beautiful moments I’ve had to date. My husband and I are forever grateful for Clint and CK productions. One of the added bonuses is he not only provides a dvd with a custom case included is also a usb and lifetime warranty of our video. Any damage done to it or anything over the years we call him and a new one will be our way.

Mar 01, 2018