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22 Passenger Party Bus Our 22 passenger party bus is perfect for those gatherings that are just a bit larger in size. The exterior is a crisp sophisticated white, and the interior is incredibly unique! The LED lighting is an especially modern touch that we love. Feel like getting adventurous at that bachelorette party? Why not take a turn or two on the dance pole / stripper pole? The dark tinted windows will keep you safe from prying eyes outside, so you can have all the fun you want inside the bus! There's a nice loud sound system in this bus, and you can bring any iPod or MP3 player to hook up to it to play those favorite playlists of yours! The wood flooring and mirrored ceiling are two features that we love when you want to turn the bus into your own little dance club! The premium leather seating is very comfortable in this bus, and the layout of the seats makes it particularly easy for you to chat with your entire party. We already mentioned the dark tinted windows, but we'll mention them again in case you missed it. This is essential for privacy on the road. The bar in this bus is very classy, done in granite, complete with a cooler and a very convenient cup dispenser. Built-in cup holders make it much easier for you to just chill out on the road and not have to worry about holding on to your drink. Prevents spills too! Multiple large flat screen TVs that play both DVD and BluRay! When you want luxurious transportation that won't break the bank, then Ultra Party Bus Detroit has you covered. We have a fluctuating pricing scheme that goes up and down with demand, market conditions, and even day of the week, to make sure that we can give you the best possible price at any given time! Because of these fluctuations, we don't post our rates on line. So just what do we mean when we reference demand or day of the week? Well, to put it simply, the limo and party bus industry has it's highest demand in the spring through summer, which is peak wedding season as well as prom, etc. During this time, the prices in the limo industry go up, but we do our best to not let it got up too much! As far as day of the week, at any time with any company, a Saturday night, for example, will run at a higher rate than say a Tuesday afternoon. Our agent know exactly how to get you the best deal, so if you have any questions, just ask!Our money saving tip is to split the cost among all the passengers. When you split the cost between several people, it's much more affordable than you may imagine! So in order to give accurate quotes, we'll need to get some information from you. Things like the date and size of vehicle are questions we'll you when you call. We'll provide a list of exactly what we need below! If you have any concerns about staying on a tight budget, just ask and our agents can guide you in the right direction! Here's what we'll need to know The date you'd like service The type of event The time you'd like service to begin The location of the first pick-up The time you'd like service to end The location of the final drop-off The number of passengers you're expecting That's it! With that information our agents can let you know exactly how much your rental will cost! And rest assured, we never have any hidden fees so the price you're quoted is the exact price you'll pay!

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