Heart & Hazel Photography

Heart & Hazel Photography


I’m Candice, your forever photographer with a big laugh and hazel eyes (hence where the “Hazel” in Hazel + Heart comes from!)

Over at my house, you’ll find one handsome firefighter of a husband and two energetic, hilarious kiddos. Together, they are my "Heart".My little family has taught me all about whimsical love, true connection, and those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Those “I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleeeeep!” moments. Alright, we’ll take a karaoke break later. But if you can’t already tell, I’m all about breaking out in song. Yep - I even tried out for American Idol once.I’m 98% caffeine and the other 2% really wants a nap! (hello, did I mention how much energy my kids have?) Beyond that, I have a great talent of coming up with a song or movie quote for just about any situation especially when times get tense and we need a good laugh. When I’m not behind the lens, I’m catching up on some trashy reality TV, trying to get back into working and spending as much time with my fam as I can.At the end of the day, I’m a quirky, busy, all around fun gal who loves exploiting my best traits in order to give clients one hell of an experience.So, what do you say? Let’s get a drink (or hit up karaoke bar)!