Classic Photographers

Classic Photographers



Wedding planning should be easy and affordable. You shouldn't have to navigate through dozens of poorly done websites, which all lack the information you're actually looking for. Don't waste your weekends meeting with potential vendors. Why should photography break the bank? It's 2019, isn't it?

Classic Photographers believes wedding planning should be fun, and easy. We've made it so you can view the multiple available photographers' portfolios for your wedding. You get to look through their work, autobiographies, and reviews. We're keeping it real, keeping all of our packages and pricing upfront no matter when and where your wedding is. You can book your package, secure your photographer, and get planning in less than 5 minutes with a low $99 deposit

If any easy, affordable and high-quality photographer is something you want for your wedding, you can get started here: https://classicphotographers.com/pricing/