Xanadu Studio

Xanadu Studio


Your special day will be unlike any other day.

Your wedding celebration will be unlike any other wedding.

So why not capture it all with a photographer that’s unlike anyone else?

Recently relocated from Europe, I have 18 years of experience in high-end fashion.  With an extensive career photographing beauty icons and celebrities for leading European fashion magazines and advertising agencies, I am shifting gears and looking to focus my lens on capturing your exceptional day.

You deserve it. 

Hoping to connect on a more personal level with my subjects, I’m excited to make every bride feel like she is at the center of the universe– a celebrity among family and friends.

More importantly, photographs are the only lasting impressions of the very dear memories we take away from such special days. They deserve to be captured in style, European style, with images that come to life, hold true emotion and transport you to the exuberant atmosphere of this most important day for years to come. The result is undeniably breathtaking images that will delight family, friends, and above all, you. 

I have not only the skill to perfectly capture all the conventional shots to help document every detail of the momentous event (the vows, the elegant first dance, the countless toast and the excitement of getting ready) but also an uncanny ability to capture the candid moments that set your personality and that of your loved ones apart. I am happy to accommodate any special requests, or to take the lead and let you enjoy the day!

Based in Texas, but willing to travel worldwide, I am so looking forward to partaking in your joyous celebration. Radiance, comfort and photo-satisfaction guaranteed.