Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay


Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay is the creative partnership hatched in 2009 by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay Gouldon. We both hail from the Southeastern United States with Sean from Appalachia and Elizabeth from the East Coast. With different yet complementary perspectives, we thrive off of collaboration with one another. We love to travel and go to the movies and drink agave spirits and make weird self portraits and swoon over our adorable kitty and eat bacon and what else? For all of you who comment on our hair, yes, we go through shampoo and conditioner way too fast. Now enough of us trying to write about ourselves. That’s boring. Schedule a call with us, and let’s chat. Or better yet, schedule a meeting with us when you are in town. Let’s grab a cocktail and talk about your project or just life.
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McKenna Nokes

Sean and Elizabeth are the absolute best and definitely the coolest people we know. Our engagement and wedding photos are so beautiful and better than I ever imagined. They are such a fun couple to work with and their warm, laidback personalities put us immediately at ease. I wanted our photos to look natural and relaxed, and Elizabeth and Sean set a tone and directed us in a way that resulted in gorgeous, perfectly candid-looking shots. Their aesthetic is both elegant and edgy, with the perfect use of light and color. Even our more staged and posed portraits look great. My husband and I have received so many compliments on our wedding album! I don't think they missed one detail from our getting ready, the wedding decor and flowers, and of course from all of the ceremony and reception festivities. All of them were special and unique, it is so hard to choose favorites! I'll cherish and admire these photos forever and will ALWAYS recommend Sean and Elizabeth when anyone asks for talented and fun photographers.

Oct 10, 2019
Amanda Cassatta

What can we possibly say about Sean and Elizabeth that accurately depict how great they are to work with? We still remember for the hunt for our wedding photographer. We clicked through portfolio after portfolio and saw the same kind of pictures over and over again. You start to get that feeling that your special day is totally repeatable. Then we saw Sean and Elizabeth's work and we perked up, we knew after only a few clicks that these cool cats would be our photographers. Their style, framing and ability to capture candid moments are totally unique. You'll come away with wonderful family photos suitable for framing as well as a few choice pics that would easily serve as an album cover if you ever decide to take up a side project. Then there are their personalities. Total artists. Total pros. A lot of fun to be around, VERY easy to communicate with and experts at keeping the mood on the day light and casual. They make everyone feel comfortable and also keep things moving so everyone can get back to priority one at your wedding...having fun. Really had a great time with these guys and couldn't imagine going with anyone else!

Aug 29, 2019
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