PLUM Studio

PLUM Studio



❧ Plum Studio was established in 2014 with the main goal of capturing the happy, exciting & most memorable moments of the people in our community. Founded by Timor Raz Krichely a photographer with more than 20 privileged years of doing what he fell in love with at the age of 14. After 15 years of work in the fashion & advertising world it is a great addition to work with young couples & families. Telling a story throw photography & videography has been the key element that drew me to everything I've done over the years. Doing so with my clients most precious moment brings it to a whole new level & We are truly honored to be trusted with this amazing role.Our studio employs the best tools to achieve this goal and our greatest tool beyond all the technology in our possession is the sensibility that comes with years of experience to refine the images a videos to tell your story in a unique and emotional way. We are very lucky to have found a crew that lives & breathes creativity throw visual arts. Timor - I'm a huge fan of the outdoors, hiking & sunny days on the beach, I try to enjoy that with my family as often as I can. Born in the Republic of Georgia & lucky enough to grow up in Israel has embedded certain family & friendship values in me that I'm very grateful for. At a young age I wasn't really one who considered myself as the marrying type. Nowadays sharing my life with my incredible wife Yael and our three amazing children who make our life a roller coaster of joy and appreciation for life. I draw much of my creativity throw documenting our life & that made me realize the importance of the gift I can share as a visual story teller.Now that I get to document the lives of the couples and families who trust me with telling their unique story I get so much joy from seeing the reaction on their faces when they view the pictures for the first time and when they get to hang those memories on their walls.