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 My name is Marta Eelen and I am a family and wedding photographer.

When shooting I pay very close attention to emotions and feelings of people. I try my best to reflect person's mood and his or her genuine emotions on photographs. I think, in wedding photography, it is very important for a professional to be able to observe and understand the person, to feel the energy of the moment, and to see the essence of everyone. I have a big passion for what I do and I would love to use that passion to make some beautiful memories of your wedding day! 

2 Reviews for Marta Eelen
Natasha Lonchikova

I can't put just into words how great of a job Marta did on our wedding. We couldn't be happier. She knows exactly what she's doing but at the same time she took all of our requests and produced every single pose we had asked for. Not only that but her retouching was superb. Marta really shines I highly recommend her!

Apr 08, 2016
Katya Smirnova

Marta is a wonderful photographer. We could not ask for a better photographer and will always cherish the memories she created for us.

Feb 12, 2016