JR Photography

JR Photography


A lot has been said (and published) about new trends in photography. Much more, however, has been proven that classic imagery - whatever the medium - will continue to be the standard by which all art is judged. It's interesting to note that most of the successful contemporary artists of the past several decades have based their style on criteria that has been around for centuries. Even the most radical artists have continually stated that they developed their style from ideas that they have copied from the most successful artists of the past.”

I, too, subscribe to the fact that a classic approach to one's creativity will transcend time and remain in style forever. To that end I continue to base my photography on simple guidelines that give me the flexibility and assurance to go in any direction. I don't have to take a lot of pictures to come up with the results that I'm looking for. I see each final image in my mind's eye before I snap the shutter. It's as simple for me as filling in the pieces of a puzzle. It's simple because I understand the "rules" and apply them where applicable.

My guidelines were gleamed from some of my most esteemed contemporary photographers. I have only one "rule": If you like the way it looks, take the picture. That rule works well for me, because I've studied and learned what is good.  My mind is always open. I like to experiment. I like to see how far I can go and not compromise my standards.