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We are a Full-service ceremony provider,  with the focus on offering custom wedding officiant services to all couples in love.

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4 Reviews for The Heart of the Matter/ Wedding Officiant
Kristina & Javier
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Bill was absolutely amazing. When my husband and I first sat down to discuss our wants for our ceremony with Bill he listened, offered advise, and assured us he could deliver exactly what we were looking for. Our ceremony was kept at the time frame we had asked for, it was funny and light hearted, and his prayer was beautiful. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thanks for helping us create our perfect day.

Oct 20, 2017
Miatta Velez
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My husband and I had a non tradional wedding. We told our guests it was an engagement party and we later surprised them with a wedding. Pamela, our officiant was a huge part of making our wedding a success. We were able to design our wedding based upon our love story. Pamela walked us through various options in terms of her speech and we were able to come up with the perfect words that reflected who we are. She was able to tell our story, bring our families together and create something so special for us. We are deeply greatly for her willingness to participate in our wedding and even remained inconspicuous so our guests wouldn't catch on to what we were doing until the very last moment. Thank you Pamela for everything. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. My husband and I are forever greatful.

Aug 31, 2015
Grace and Donna Chianca
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Pam brings to a wedding a unique and very special blend of personal gifts that she is happy and excited to share with couples in love. She is not just an "officiant" by title, she is an officiant by calling in my eyes. She worked with us to provide exactly what we wanted and tailored the ceremony according to our wishes while at the same time adding her own surprisingly perfect touches. It was an amazing day and Pam was a huge part of that.

Jul 28, 2015
Andy H
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Going into my wedding, I had only attended one wedding so I was very uninformed. When my wife and I approached Pam to officiate our wedding, it was, by far, one of the best decisions we made. We had a great in-person meeting and it gave us the chance to see who she was. We were thinking of just talking to her over the phone but we were very happy that we choose to meet her in person. She was so understanding of our wishes and asked details that, honestly, I had no idea were involved in a wedding. She would always ask if we wanted certain things and If I didn't know what it was, she was so understanding and told me what it was. She never made me feel unprepared but rather was very informative. She never pushed ideas on us and really wanted it to be our day. During our meeting, I told Pam that I am very bad at memorizing words and told her that she would, most likely, have to either repeat or speak slower when asking me to repeat my vows. When it came to that time on the wedding day, she spoke clear and slow and I did ask her to repeat herself and she did and it made me feel so relaxed that she didn't make a big deal out of it. Also, on the day of the wedding, I just thought I would just see her at the alter but she made it so much more personal, which I loved. She came to visit me and asked me how was I doing and asked if I needed anything, which was just amazing. I later found out that she actually spoke to my family and got to know everyone. I had no idea that she would go out of her way to do that.

During our wedding, my wife and I were so nervous at points that we actually messed up our 'Blending Of The Sands' ceremony. We were supposed to wait for Pam to read a passage and we just poured the sand. Pam didn't even flinch and naturally guided us through the rest of our ceremony with such ease that our guests had no idea that it even happened. She has this unbelievable knack to make that moment so relaxing and comfortable. We had a vision for how our wedding should be and, when we approached her, she made suggestions here and there but always wanted us to be comfortable with our decision.

When you are going through every detail of your wedding, somethings you forget that you need someone to actually marry you and it is the last thing you want to worry about especially when you are about to get married. By choosing Pam, we were actually able to enjoy the entire day and the one part that I was most nervous about, she made it relaxing and enjoyable.

When my wife and I were watching the video, we both joked that our future children wouldn't even know that we messed up our sand ceremony and that Pam saved us, in that regard, from our future children making fun of us.

Jul 18, 2015