Catholic & Ecumenical ++ Archbishop

Catholic & Ecumenical ++ Archbishop



I am a Catholic ++Archbishop Serving in The Celtic Cross Old Catholic Church and The eastern ++Archbishop for The Celtic Cross Communion International.. The Old Catholic Church is NOT under Rome however,   Are we validly Catholic? If the Roman Catholic Church is your source of truth in these matters, see what the Roman Catholic Church teaches in it’s official document “DOMINUS IESUS,” issued during the reign of Pope John Paul II, June 16, 2000, and signed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope-Emertus Benedict, August 6, 2000, refer to Section IV: Article 17: “Therefore, there exists a single Church of Christ, which subsists in the [Roman] Catholic Church, governed by the Successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him. The Churches which, while not existing in perfect communion with the [Roman] Catholic Church, remain united to her by means of the closest bonds, that is, by apostolic succession and a valid Eucharist, are true particular Churches 59.  Catholic Almanac "The Roman Church recognizes the validity of Old Catholic Orders and other Sacraments." -Felician A. Roy, OFM, 1974; p. 368Pope Francis reaches out to schismatic Old Catholic ChurchDespite continuing theological, ethical and ministerial differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the schismatic Old Catholic Conference, the two communions can continue to work together, Pope Francis counseled Pope Francis explained that since the Second Vatican Council it " has been possible to build new bridges of a more profound mutual understanding and practical co-operation," between the Old Catholic communion and the Catholic Church.The Pope called both Catholics and Old Catholics "to persevere in substantive theological dialogue" and to continue to pray and work together towards a deeper conversion in Christ. In the meantime, he continued, the Churches ought to work to address the spiritual crises and needs of the world, particularly in Europe. "There is a thirst for God," the Pope counseled. "There is a profound desire to recover a sense of purpose in life. There is an urgent need for a convincing witness to the truth and values of the Gospel." He suggested that the two communions can "support and encourage one another, especially at the level of parishes and local communities," in helping address the spiritual difficulties facing the continent.All of my services begin with a consultation so I can provide you with a ceremony you want and deserve!


posted 12/13/2021 by Sarah K

Bishop Nick was a joy to work with! We met for dinner prior to our wedding to get to know each other, which was really personal and thoughtful. He made our day exactly what we wanted. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing throughout the whole process. Highly recommend! Can’t say enough good things about our experience working with him!


posted 09/14/2021 by Angela W (updated 06/05/2022 )

Bp. Nick made our wedding ceremony such a beautiful and memorable experience for us to look back on for the rest of our lives. His easygoing personality made him such a joy to communicate with throughout the entire planning process! He listened to our ceremony preferences and kept things simple and traditional, but still managed to stay lighthearted while delivering a touching sermon/homily on love. At our request, Bp. Nick also granted us the huge favor of to giving a dinner blessing and we will forever be grateful. We highly recommend his services to all future couples on The Knot! Thank you so much Bp. Nick!!!


posted 08/16/2021 by Chris L

Father Nick was fantastic! From our first phone call to the ceremony, he guided us thoroughly – logistically and spiritually. He always returned phone calls and texts and answered emails in a timely manner. He has a sense of humor that relaxes your wedding jitters. If you are considering an outdoor wedding or something non-traditional, you should seek out Father Nick.


posted 07/07/2021 by Lindsay N

Arch Bishop Nick was amazing and made our ceremony extra special! We are very grateful that we found him and had him part of our wedding day. He made us feel extremely comfortable from the moment we first met (which was him taking us to lunch to get to know us). He helped us get organized and planned during the rehearsal and then spoke beautifully at the ceremony. All of our guests commented that Nick was great and made the ceremony extra special. He stayed and blessed our meal as well which we greatly appreciated. I recommend him 150%!!


posted 06/08/2021 by BRANDY W

5+ stars for Bishop Nick! He was wonderful to work with from the first meeting all the way through the ceremony. He supported us through the entire process with grace and humor - he is also the most down-to-earth priest I have ever met. He put us right at ease and guided us through every step of the way for both the rehearsal and the ceremony. We were so fortunate to find Bishop Nick to marry us and I highly recommend to any couples looking for a meaningful wedding that is tailored to your wishes. Our guests raved about him too! Thank you Bishop Nick!!


Catholic, Ecumenical Wedding Priestposted 10/27/2019 by Susie S (updated 10/27/2019 )

Father Nick made our wedding day extra special. I couldn't imagine having anyone else marry my husband and I. I would pick 10 stars for a rating if I could.


posted 10/09/2019 by Elyse C (updated 08/25/2021 )

Father Nick performed my marriage ceremony last month and did a lovely job. My husband and I were so happy to find a Catholic priest who would perform our ceremony outside. We met with him a few weeks before the wedding and he was great, down to earth and easy to work with. Highly recommend!


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Christina R
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posted 07/21/2022 by Christina R
Father Nicholas made our wedding day so special! From the first time meeting with him my husband and I both felt so welcomed and comfortable. He’s easy to talk to and provided us with quick response time. During the wedding preparation he sent us some sample ceremonies to look at and allowed us to add our own special touches to the day. We could not say enough good things about father Nicholas and the amount of guests who told us they thought it was such a beautiful ceremony. He even stayed for the reception to provide the dinner blessing and we enjoyed hearing that he was able to witness the fun we hope to continue throughout our marriage. Don’t hesitate to book him for your wedding day, he will surely make sure it’s amazing!!

Oct 03, 2022
Krystal Brennan
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posted 12/04/2019 by Krystal S (updated 12/04/2019 )
Father Nick was wonderful! He was so personable and professional! Amazing priest. The ceremony was a full catholic mass and it was beautiful. Our wedding was in august and I have people coming up to me still asking who our priest was and just saying how he did a beautiful ceremony and they were so moved by it. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Highly recommend Father Nick!

Oct 03, 2022
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