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Bliss Events Thailand


Bliss Events & Wedding (Thailand) is a professional events management and wedding planning company based on the wonderful island of Koh Samui and Phuket specializing in destination events all over the land of smile Thailand. Established in 2012, by a young and energetic team of personnel with extensive experience in events management in various luxury hotels all over Thailand and management of weddings of vast sizes.
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Although we had not met the bliss team face to face prior to the wedding, the communication via WhatsApp and email and time difference was speedy.
Bliss are attentive to requests (even from most demanding bride to be I was) it is a journey on its own planning but I was not so stressed as a lot of my friends and family said I was a calm bride to be. Bliss executed what I envisioned but even better, it’s hard not being there to see what the outcome is but they exceeded my expectations as soon as I walked in the grand entrance. They were quick to fix and redo things even on the day such as the bouquet, attending to additional request and last minute changes. Their professionalism and value is what I rate them for.

Jan 23, 2020
Raksha Valob

We don't know what we would have done without the Bliss team!! Planning an Indian wedding over a number of days, large number of guests and lots of small details is not simple, and we are so grateful for having Bliss Events by our side every step of the way. The team were absolutely incredible to work with over many months in the lead up to the wedding. We especially loved the fact that they were quick to respond, and remained so close to the detail. In the lead up to the wedding, we felt like Bliss had really helped us visualise exactly how the day would look and run - With their professional floor plans, seating charts (thank you Khun Mai!) and visuals of decorations (thank you Khun Packie and Khun Mariam!), we felt very prepared for our wedding celebrations. During the wedding period, we had Mr T from the team with us as a single point of contact for our close family during this time. Mr T was a big help to us, and remained so professional and accommodating throughout - Thank you Mr T! Additionally, we had Khun Tham from Bliss who remained a key point of contact with our Sound and Lighting team. Khun Tham demonstrated his expertise in this space, and ensured our sound and lighting was very smooth! Finally, Khun Chat....A true leader! Khun Chat led the team professionally, effectively, and so genuinely. We truly were amazed by her ability to juggle so many things at the one time during the wedding, but not once did she drop a single ball! She guided her team in the right direction, dealt with unforeseen circumstances with logic and practicality, and demonstrated genuine leadership throughout. Bliss Team, you all are really exceptional - Thank you for absolutely everything. Your hard work, effort and care will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated! Much love, Deepesh & Raksha

Dec 17, 2019
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