I specialize in providing the personal touch that everyone is looking for. Offering the right music, lighting and professional emcee experience needed. Classy, cool and pumped up at just the right time. Look no further! 

4 Reviews for Gene
Izzy stein

Everybody knows how essential having good music is in the successful execution of a stellar wedding reception, however, the personality and energy of the DJ is just as if not more important. Gene is the embodiment of electrifying enthusiasm and youthful vigor all wrapped up in human form!!! Gene brought something truly significant and unforgettable to one of the most important days of my life.

I was in contact with Gene for months leading up to the wedding and every conversation proved he was the right guy for the job. Gene will take as much or as little direction as you want for your wedding. Gene will accommodate the perfectionists and passive planners alike by either following suit what you want or bringing creativity and improvisation on the spot!

Thanks Gene!!

Oct 21, 2018
Jerry Seidl

I have been to a lot of weddings and seen other DJs perform, and by far, the show that Gno provides sets the bar. His interaction with the guests and the entire Wedding Party was amazing. His ability to adapt to the requests of every guest is what keeps the party going and ensures the dance floor is hopping from the start of his show right up to the end. Because of this, my wife and I decided to have him perform at our wedding. We were not disappointed one bit. To this day, that is all my guests talk about was not only the great food, but how great the music and how Gno interacted with the guests. If you want a DJ that gets out there with you and your party, I highly recommend Gno and the services that GNO Productions offer.

Apr 26, 2015
Joy Weber

People always remember good food and great music at a reception. We had a simple wedding. But Gno was a class act. Very professional and flexible w last minute changes. He had great music, and got involved w our guests we had a blast. Thank you so much for everything. Highly recommend GNO productions for your wedding.

Apr 22, 2015
Amy Sanders

4 years later and people still talk about how awesome the DJ was at our wedding. We had a Harley wedding and our entrance was the sound of motorcycle pipes (AWESOME!!!!)
Gene and his wife Ann re awesome. Strongly recommend GNO Productions. Well worth the money and your wedding DJ will be talked about for years!!

Apr 22, 2015