GoGanics Organic Food Truck

GoGanics Organic Food Truck


One day, owner Nureya (Reya for short) was driving through Baltimore County with her daughter who was screaming “feed me.” At home, her daughter eats all organic, gluten/dairy free food. She looked at her options and opted for a popular chicken drive through. She figured this has to be the lesser of the fast food evils. That is when she had an epiphany, “ I wish there were someplace I could get organic fast food! Why is that so hard?”

Then GoGanics was born-The mobile fast food organic food truck serving all of Maryland. No longer should we subject ourselves to food with chemicals that we have to Google. Our food strives towards the eating for health model by Dr. Bauman. Our food aims to be S.O.U. L. Food:

 S- Sustainable
 U- Unprocessed
 L- Local

 We work with local grocery stores that keep our ingredients from farms and businesses within 150 miles.