In Full Detail

In Full Detail



Hey! I'm Gina :) I am a destination elopement photographer based out of NYC. I love to travel and adventure with my clients. I also specialize in small weddings, engagements and lifestyle photography sessions.

A little bit about my approach...

I want to be your hype girl, your friend, your dad joke supplier, your drinking buddy, your best third wheel, and oh! your photographer. There is a lot of mushy gushy stuff out there and that’s all great but not everyone is coming in hot with some fairytale story of love. They just love the shit out of each other and want someone to document that love and the celebration that goes along with it. 

I thrive off of capturing candid, fun moments full of laughter and realness. I like to keep my clients moving to help ease the stress that can often come with being photographed. No prom posing (unless it's as a joke), no “but tell me what you’re feeeeeling”, no BS. I want those moments in between all of that, the ones that happen naturally out of laughter, or fun, or ACTUALLY feeling something! That’s what I’m here for, I want you to have a blast, laughing your ass off every time you get in front of my camera, because I’ll be the one laughing her ass off behind it.

Creating a legacy that you can look back on decades from now... that's what I'm into.