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Hello there, I am Deevo and I am the owner of Fusion Photography & Video.  Did you know that I stole my first camera? And that my first experience with digital photography was taking photos of repossessed mobile homes in the south while living in California?

True story - both turned out to be keystones in my personal and professional development yet, at the time, had no idea they would eventually shape some of who I am today.

The pics I took were nothing special but what resonated with me was the simple fact that I had frozen events in time and preserved them forever.

Taking an image and freezing a moment, reveals just how rich our reality truly is, and that stuck with me. I started photographing weddings because of my own uninspiring experience with my wedding photographer in 2003.

At the time, I was still working in the corporate world as a Project Manager and started moonlighting on the side out of sheer curiosity and love of photography. It was then that I realized I had an innate ability to connect with other humans and draw out their True personality with my lens and my craft was born. My corporate experience has proven priceless in running a business on my own and understanding the importance of providing a quality customer experience to our clients.

Fusion is now considered one of the premier photography studios in Charlotte. I say this not to brag, only out of pride for what I’ve accomplished by following through on something I was passionate about and loved.

Our stories are so varied and unique - it's these differences that make us human and having the opportunity to capture your story through my lens is one of the most honored and humbling acts I can offer.

I love telling photographic stories.  I love connecting with people.  Every day I meet someone new, some of which I come to call lifelong friends. Having the opportunity to leave my footprint in their lives with my photographs is why I do what I do.

My hope is that when you look at my photos - they resonate with you, they tell a story, and even perhaps give you a glimpse inside someone else's story, even transporting you into their life for a brief moment.

Life is fleeting.  Moments pass us by minute by minute, having the opportunity to capture these moments and freeze them for posterity - well that's a very special thing, isn't it?