Mix Cosmetiques

Mix Cosmetiques



Mix Cosmetiques is all about makeup that is created specifically for you. You have taken time to make sure every aspect of your wedding day is perfectly crafted and individual to you. Why should your makeup be off the assembly line? Instead, you get the chance to be in charge of creating a line of cosmetics that works for you. This is a fun way to create the perfect color to match your perfect day. 

After we have created the perfect makeup colors for your day, along with your bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother-in-law to be and any others that you want to invite. I will then join you on your wedding day to recreate that beautiful look.

Just because we can have so much fun mixing makeup I also want to reassure you that Mix Cosmetique products are great for your skin and great for the earth. So everybody can enjoy making makeup from the naturalist, to the vegetarian, to the hard core makeup junkie.