We Do Weddings Right

We Do Weddings Right



    Hi my name is Chris, I became a photographer to create visuals that motivate people. I hope that you enjoy my work. If you need anything, contact me today to see if I can help.

    Focus on Quality

    I’m guessing you’re here because you want some amazing photos and or video, you are in luck! I do just that, and my clients agree! I’m Chris, I became a photographer to create images and films that motivate people. I hope that you enjoy my work and enjoy it enough to hire me. I am also a videographer & cinematographer, mountain biker, skier, tennis player, comedian, drummer and competitive Mario Kart gamer. My friends would describe me as, “Way too excited about photos”, “Macgyver“, “talented”, “hilarious, “great photographer”, “I don’t like losing to you in Mario Kart every time we race” and “fun”.

    How I came to be a Photographer

    I kind of fell into photography, I never believed that I could make a living using my camera, and somehow it happened. I went to school for photography and worked my tail off researching and studying as much as I could about the subject. I interned and work for some of the best photographers in the Northwest and the Country before jumping out on my own to do what you see here on my website. Some say photographers are artists, but me… I’m more what someone might call an artist-technician, a little bit of a nerd and a little bit of an artist. I try really hard to make my clients happy, I am here for you. Contact me today to see if we’re a match!

    My Clients

    My ideal clients are those who are thoughtful, compassionate and driven to do good in the world. My clients are selfless, forgiving and understanding. They listen, and read, give time and thanks. My ideal clients are more than customers, they are people that I aspire to be like and hope to one day call friends.

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