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We are Beth and Justin Nixon, a husband and wife photography duo based in Greensboro, NC. We photographed our first wedding in 2004, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

We are passionate about creating something epic for you that will serve as a centerpiece for your home and provide enjoyment for years to come. Think about it. When it comes to your wedding day, how will you remember it a month, a year - 20 years later? Your photos and your wedding album are the only things you will have to remember that day.

Who are you going to trust for that? A random person with a camera that you found for cheap?

When thinking about planning your wedding, remember to think about the importance of photography will play in documenting the biggest day of your life.

3 Reviews for The Nixons Photography
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I cannot express how wonderful our experiences with Justin and Beth have been. I am not comfortable in front of a camera, especially not in front of a camera and some strangers, and I was very nervous about being photographed for our wedding. I knew how important it was to find a great photographer to capture the moments of our special day and that I would just have to get over the anxiety I had when it came to being the center of attention. I am not exaggerating when I say that I immediately felt comfortable with Justin and Beth. The day that we met them, I felt such peace and any anxiety I had about being photographed melted away. They made me feel so comfortable and they are such a joy to be around. Throughout the year of planning, I was lucky to meet with them several times and have the very important engagement shoot that would provide me with confidence in myself and how I came across in photos. It turns out that an amazing photographer really DOES make you look amazing in photos- you just have to trust them! Trust came easily with Justin and Beth. They work so well together and they’re just so fun to be around; they make you laugh constantly and they make sure you’re having a fun time the whole time! The engagement shoot is so important and I am so glad that they encourage you to do it. They see the importance of getting to know their clients. During that shoot, you can let go and you can all get to know each other. Justin and Beth quickly become your friends and you fall in love with them during that session. That makes it all so much more fun and smooth for the big day! The wedding day was amazing. Justin and Beth went above and beyond, and I mean it. Justin had to help me put on my dress because I had so many buttons that my mom and sister couldn’t conquer alone. Beth taught us how to cut our wedding cake and how to get it onto a plate without dropping it everywhere so we would look semi-prepared for that moment. They both helped to keep my bride brain stress-free and kept me laughing all day. There were many moments where Justin would just be quiet for a second because his talented and creative brain was coming up with an amazing idea! He’d often preface with, “I know this seems weird, but trust me”. TRUST HIM! You will have the best memories captured in the most creative and perfect ways. You will look, and feel, phenomenal and The Nixons will do an absolutely amazing job of capturing your special moments. I cannot express my gratitude for their support, for being my vendors, but also one of my greatest planning resources, and for the love and dedication that they bring to each shoot. You will see pure talent, joy, and love in all of their photos.

Oct 31, 2019
Taylor Barry
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The Nixon’s were absolutely amazing! They were by far my favorite wedding vendor. My bridal and wedding portraits are flawless and they made me feel so comfortable it was like I had known the for a lifetime. I will use the Nixon’s for future portraits sessions and I’m not even a local! I will make the drive or pay them to come to me! They are that awesome!

Oct 29, 2019
April Lynn Kelley
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Very happy with them!

Oct 28, 2019