Florencia Saav Photography

Florencia Saav Photography



Hi! I'm Flo and I'm from Uruguay, so I'm fluent in Spanish too (well... if you consider my English fluent, lol).

I've been working in the audiovisual industry for more than ten years, but two years ago I realized wedding photography is where my heart is. How did I know it? Because wedding days are the only days I can leave my house without missing my cat :)

My style is all about capturing honest and spontaneous moments. My goal is that in 30 years you will look at my pictures with your grandchildren and remember all the emotions that you felt on your wedding day.

My relationship with most couples quickly resembles a friendship. I like to generate trust that is then reflected in natural and relaxed photos. So, if you like my work and you think that we can easily connect, let's go for a tea (sorry, I'm one of those rare people that does not like coffee). We can speak about your wedding and then you can make a decision with all the information you need.

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