Coker Photography

Coker Photography



My work is all about YOU!  My images represents relationships, compassion, purity, realness and equality. Still, I am for the person who likes the idea of breaking tradition, getting messy and who prefers candid shots over being posed. Through my lens I capture the passion in your most important moments and all the euphoria in between, creating a breathtaking story you can tell forever.  

I picked up the camera and started experimenting in the early 80's.... like when the Love Boat was on TV, women wore shoulder pads and really-really big hair! UGH!  I started meaningful photography in 2005 when I realized foster children in our high school couldn't afford to have their senior photos taken. Thereafter, I provide free photo sessions for foster seniors. That appeared to fuel my need to learn all I can and grow as a professional, and ever since I have devoured it like it was CHOCOLATE!

I am a single photographer with simple gear, a few camera's and a few standing lights.  I chose to keep it simple so my focus is always on YOU!