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A unique wedding planning service with a personal attention to the bride's vision and the stress free process of making a dream come true.  Assisting the busy bride is my passion.  Every time I see a happy couple leave their reception, I know I have achieved why I started this business  No one does it better or more comprehensively. I did the wedding of David Tutera's production supervisor this summer and this is what she had to say...  "Oh my gosh Wendy. It was AMAZING. Thank you so much for everything and no, David Tutera has nothin' on you."

Every wedding is unique and every bride is special.  I make myself accessable to every bride I help- no limits!  And, whether you are having a small wedding on a budget or a big, expensive affair, my time and attention are the same.  

I offer assistance to same sex couples, as every wedding is a blessed event celebrating the union between two loving souls.

Also available for planning of bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, bridal lunches, etc

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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Wendy Hartigan is the most professional and genuine person I have ever worked with. Her attention to details and enthusiasm was refreshing and candid. My husband and I felt that we were working with an old friend rather than a wedding planner. Sh e started planning our wedding while my husband and I were both overseas in Afghanistan and kept us on the loop on everything. She understood our vision and made it come to life. I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding. Wendy went above and beyond her job to ensure that our wedding was perfect even after we had changed the venue 3 different times, and 3 different states!!! Our wedding plans started in NY and then due to military reasons my husband and I relocated to Florida. Wendy contacted vendors in FL, and kept planning our wedding from afar, and still managed to pull off an amazing event. Her sincerity and willing to place a brides happiness above all else, is unparalleled. I have come to love and respect her both as a professional and a dear true friend.

Feb 08, 2015
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Wendy was truly my wedding angel! At first I was hesitant to get a wedding planner, I thought “ that’s for those crazy rich people. I can’t afford one”. Well, I have to say, "you can’t afford NOT to hire one!" Having Wendy actually saved me money, not to mention time, and honestly, my sanity!
We started working with her about a year before our wedding when my fiancé and I just couldn’t find a venue that fit our budget or was available when we wanted to get married. We had some rather difficult criteria as well. I being a chef, wanted amazing, local, seasonal food, and my fiancé, an architect, wanted “ a nice approach and great ambiance”. I was ready to give up and resign myself to the fact that we just couldn't have the wedding we wanted. At this point my aunt really encouraged me to get a planner.
Enter Wendy-she showed us several amazing places and when she took us to Barley Sheaf in New Hope, well, we just fell in love!
All the vendors she recommended were fantastic as well. The florist made the most exquisite centerpieces using fresh vegetables as well as beautiful flowers. Guest couldn’t stop complementing me on them for being so gorgeous, unique, and so fitting for my personality. I also couldn’t find a wedding dress under $1000 anywhere in NYC. She recommended a few places and I found the most stunning dress in my budget. She came with me to fittings and picked up my dress on wedding day after it was pressed.
I have been working with Wendy, since October 2013 and my wedding was August 23rd 2014 and she has never been anything but professional, honest, punctual, and efficient. She was intuitive, took care of everything I asked her. I loved that I could ask her to handle things and know they were handled! My friend also hired Wendy after I recommend her, and she too was extremely pleased with her work!
Where she really saved my life was the day before and day of the wedding. My fiancé and I got lost on the way to our venue picking up some last minute things, my aunt was having issues with her hotel room, catering for rehearsal dinner needed to be picked up, someone needed to meet with the alcohol vendor, place cards needed to be finished and a bunch of other little things that my fiancé and bridal party were going to do. Then our phone died while we were literally in the middle of nowhere and Wendy took care of it all. She picked up the catering, solved the hotel issue for my aunt, met the alcohol courier, and helped in greeting the guests while we were finally on our way.
When I arrived the venue she said “ give me all that you need to do, go relax, settle in and I will take care of it all!” And miraculously she really did! I was able to relax and actually enjoy the rehearsal dinner instead of having to worry about all the last minute things that I had planned on finishing that day. It’s unforeseen situations like this that make you realize a wedding planner is invaluable. I was able to enjoy my wedding day more than, I think ,any of my friends were able to at their weddings. Even my mother and father and their friends commented on how they had never seen a bride as calm and relaxed as me during a wedding. My reply, “It’s all thanks to Wendy!”
Having worked with her for almost a year, I really got to know Wendy. I can’t even call her my “planner” anymore, she is now a cherished friend and I recommend her to everyone without any hesitations or reservations.

Oct 28, 2014
Recently Married
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If you are looking for a wedding planner, look no further. Wendy is the consumate professional that will make your big day special. Wendy will go to great lengths to make her brides happy. We're so glad that we booked her. She came through so many times, that she really was indispensibe. We had a problem with the wedding dress where it needed to be shipped back to China 6 weeks before the wedding for major alterations. We were in panic mode, but Wendy kept us calm and used her prior bridal experience to really save the day! She saw the dress through every detail of alteration while we could resume our busy lives. Not to mention all of the tastings that she was present for, countless fittings that she assisted with, research and suggestions that she provided were fantastic. She also is very professional with vendors and knows how to communicate our needs efficiently. We would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you Wendy!

Jan 13, 2014
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Wendy was a fantastic wedding planner! She had great suggestions for us while we were in the planning process, and she certainly never made me feel bad if I did not go with her suggestion. She was always very prompt in replying to my emails and texts. On the day of the wedding, Wendy actually tripped over a pair of tossed aside bridesmaid's shoes, and ended up with a huge bruise and brush burn on her face! She didn't even tell me!! I saw her an hour or so later, and I could not believe she was still there working!! She stayed all night long, and packed up everything at the end of the night while the guests moved on to our after party. Wendy came to our brunch the next morning, and you could tell her face had to be hurting, but she was a champ through the whole thing. She is dedicated!!!

Oct 04, 2013
Kate Bulat
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Wendy was awesome! She made our day perfect, and I can't imagine my wedding without her. She took care of so many things that I had no idea would even be an issue. Wendy truly cares about her brides and weddings. I am so thankful she was part of our day!

Aug 22, 2013