Documentary Style Of Shooting

Documentary Style Of Shooting

Documentary Style of shooting:

Consider a new style of filming your wedding which we call “documentary style”. This new style has a large influence on high-end cinematography and fashion. Each wedding day has a gamut of different emotions. So, rather than staging a scene, we focus on special wedding moments and capture them. While filming, we usually behave as spectators, not videographers. The main goal of Skymediafilmz professional filmmakers is not to draw attention to ourselves in order to capture pure feelings and emotions. 

The Approach: The documentary-style cinematographer's goal is to create entirely unique and unforgettable films that are specific to each couple. Artistic inspiration is paramount, so we limit the number of weddings we film in order to give clients our absolute best. Most importantly, we want to build a connection with our couples so they feel totally relaxed in front of the camera and know that we have a personal investment in them and how their films turn out.

Expert Advice: Watch a ton of films from all different studios when you are looking for a cinematographer. Because the medium of the motion picture is so powerful you will end up either loving or hating your film, so it's important to know what you like. The challenging thing about video is that there's no way to "skim" through it in order to choose quickly— watch films from beginning to end. When you find a studio that resonates with you “Hopefully Sky Media Filmz”, remember that you will love your own film 100x more than the others on their site.  

Weddings of Note: Hire a team that you trust and that makes you feel comfortable. You will put a lot of energy into planning for your wedding day—Be a bride on your wedding day! Do all the planning beforehand.

On the day, trust the people around you and just let go. A happy bride and groom who are in the moment are so great to shoot

Documentary Style Of Shooting

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